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Do you want to know what happened today?

2000 years ago Jesus was preparing to celebrate the Passover, a meal commemorating the deliverance of God’s people from slavery under the Egyptians. What significance there was in that this meal itself for centuries was done to foreshadow what he was about to do: that as the lamb who came to take away the sins of the world, he would deliver God’s people from the slavery of death.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Holy Week Devotion: Jesus is your Oxi-Clean

Spit on. Mocked. Struck. Scourged. Put on trial. Nailed to a cross. Crucified. Every shame and abuse imaginable. The Holy One; the innocent one; the Lamb of God, with fleece whiter than snow: Muddied, bloodied, stuck to a piece of wood, so that God’s wraith would be poured out against him. What sense does this make? What does this mean?

I’ll tell you what it means.

It means Jesus is your Oxi-clean.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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The holy one who comes into Jerusalem innocent, unblemished, so undefiled that they lay their palm branches and cloaks before his donkey so that even it’s hooves would not be sullied by the dust of the ground; only to a week later be ultimately defiled, mocked, spit upon, tortured, and to die so that we one day we would be as him: innocent, unblemished, undefiled.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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