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Morning Devotion: You And I Worship The God Of Israel!

In light of this revealed God, WE have to walk a line; a line of truth. And at the heart of that line is two seemingly incongruent facts: one is that WE CANNOT KNOW or COMPREHEND EVERYTHING. It’s just not gonna happen. We are finite creatures comprehending infinity. We are temporal creatures trying to comprehend eternity. And we are stationary creatures trying to observe a creation we can see so little of. We are the creation trying to comprehend the CREATOR and because of that, there will be times when we CANNOT understand things about him. It is just beyond us in the same way that it is beyond a goldfish to do quantum physics. And when we TRY to explain things that we do not know or comprehend; and when we TRY and explain things that God has not revealed, we end up just making stuff up!

Of course, on the flip side of that coin is the fact that WE DO KNOW THE THINGS THAT GOD HAS REVEALED ABOUT HIMSELF. And those things are true even when WE can’t seem to comprehend them! Because of that, we can tell the world that we do not have some vague ominous God who is “out there somewhere MAYBE”. NO. You and I worship the God of Israel; you and I worship Jesus of Nazareth; You and I worship God as he has revealed himself: and that is as ONE GOD in THREE PERSONS. The theology of the Trinity.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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