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Morning Devotion: There Is No Middle Ground

It seems that too often our world wants to say: “God made the world in six days; yeah right! That’s too fast!” But that’s ABSURD! The real idea that should strike us is “He took SIX WHOLE LONG DAYS TO MAKE THE WORLD; WOW! Why did he do it that way? Why did he purposefully take so long?”

And I believe that he took so long, and slowed himself down for OUR sakes. You see, again, he wants us to know him. And what he is doing here, as sharing with us as recorded by Moses, is IN CREATION he is introducing himself TO creation. It is not only God creating, but also God MAKING HIMSELF KNOWN.

He IS a God who makes himself known: a specific, real, ONE TRUE GOD. And what is his ultimate form of revelation? It is JESUS CHRIST. You see, Jesus dashes this “lack of knowing” to shreds. It is ALSO, in fact, the reason that the agnostic culture we live in has to turn Jesus into something OTHER than what he claims to be! Because agnosticism is about a God that is HIDDEN; a God that is far off; a God who doesn’t make himself known or come into contact with his creation.

But then HERE COMES GOD IN THE FLESH; God who walks among us; God who is concrete and present and not distant at all! It IS Jesus Christ; the God of the definitive statement: the God who says “you are mine, or you are NOT mine, and there is no middle ground.”

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Morning Devotion: Love Your Enemy!

Love one another. Do not sit idly by as they struggle on their own. Do not be their source of pain or hurt with comments or tone that act like their situation is different form yours. LOVE them. Their feelings are the most important commodity to you; their comfort more valuable than gold!

For God loves them. And asks for us to too. And we do. We do. We do, knowing our Lord Jesus Christ, is coming back to take sin and death away. He really is. Thanks be to God. Amen.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Tuesday Devotion: If God Was Around Now…

In a great many ways, it seems as though many have the sort of unspoken mentality that says something like “Well, if God was around now, instead of being around at the time of Noah and Moses and stuff, then he’d know what we know, and he’d think like we’d think, and he’d see things the way we see them.”

Same thing, of course, goes for those through whom the Lord spoke. Same thing for Isaiah and Jeremiah and all the other prophets. And same thing for St. Paul.

There are even those who seek to play such games with Jesus Christ. As if “if only Jesus had read the blogs I had read, or had the teacher I had had, or seen that documentary on the history channel I had seen, or listened to these guys on you-tube I had listened to, then he would have known what I know. Then he wouldn’t say these things. Then he would know better. Then he would think… like us. Like me.”

Of course, even to separate the words of the Christ from the words of Isaiah and Jeremiah and St. Paul and all the other authors of the scriptures is a false move. For they spoke the words of God. And Jesus, as the word incarnate, therefore give his authority to everything that they say. Therefore, you can read the whole words of the Isaiah and Jeremiah and St. Paul, and all the other prophets, as though they are from God himself. Why? Because they are. Jesus gives their words authority.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Morning Devotion: Come Lord Jesus!

Whenever confronted with the evil one and all his ways, let us pride not in our own strength. But let us instead take pride in who we have faith in. Let us call on the name of Jesus Christ! And when Satan himself approaches, let us, with courage, look at him and say,

“Hey Satan. Have you met my buddy?” And let us stand behind Jesus Christ. Come Lord Jesus! Amen.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Evening Devotion: You Will March Into The Fray!

And you will go out. And you will FIGHT. And you WILL be brave. And the Spirit of God will be with you.

Many around you will choose not to fight. But not you. YOU will be courageous. With the banner of the Lion of Judah before you; and with knowledge of the victory for the sake of Jesus Christ ringing in your ears like a military war song; you will MARCH into the fray: you will boldly step like Stephen and James and Paul and Peter and all the martyrs before you: out into that darkness where the snarling beasts lie;

THIS is your Patton speech: and you will land on beaches while guns blaze around you and friends and loved ones fall; still, when THERE it falls, and you are turned to and asked, “WHO, since this man has fallen, will pick up and carry this banner?” When that cry goes out, YOU will say: “HERE AM I! HERE AM I! SEND ME!”

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Monday Devotion: Happiness

Happiness itself is not bad. And we should praise the Lord and ask him that we would have peace in this life, and STRIVE for peace here and now as well. But for FAR TOO MANY, HAPPINESS is a false god, that is sought after as though it is the PURPOSE to life. And then, within these people’s lives, Jesus himself becomes nothing but a SERVANT to the false god of happiness.

How can you tell when this has happened?  When you think that
the purpose of Jesus is to make “YOU HAPPY”. What a shallow, short-sighted, empty, UNSCRIPTURAL,
UNCHRISTLIKE, consumer-oriented, BLIND and STILL
ending in DEATH sort of faith THAT would be. And within
THAT paradigm; within THAT way of looking at things;
well, then yes: one could SEE how the world tells us
that the life that does not have HAPPINESS is a life that is
being LIVED WRONG. If you are not happy, the world
says, your life is POINTLESS. But we do not worship the idol of happiness.
We worship Jesus Christ. And Jesus sees our suffering, and he makes a promise.
Jesus sees our suffering and gives us peace.
But for THIS life, it is PEACE in the midst of STRIFE.
It is PEACE, and it is JOY, in the knowledge that
this journey of life that includes suffering will
end in a place where suffering is no more!

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Saturday Devotion: Do You Have Any Idea Just How Much God Loves You?

ANY IDEA: to sacrifice; to kill; to watch suffer; the one that he loves most; his only begotten Son? ANY IDEA how deep his love for you is? ANY IDEA the length he went to to assure that Satan and Sin and Death would not have you, but that instead you would be with him forever? Do you have ANY IDEA how cherished you are; the most cherished possession of his in all creation? Oh, you treasure… you treasure… do you know how high the price paid for you? Do you KNOW how limitless your worth is… to your Lord?

God the Father loves you. Jesus Christ loves you. The Holy Spirit loves you. More than anything in the world.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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