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Baby Jesus

During Advent, we can fail to see the story that is going on, and instead see a pretty; perhaps a cute scene; with some barn yard animals, and some “precious moments” angels, and some wise men with gifts; and, of course, a beautiful sleeping baby who never cries. We even hear that picturesque sentiment in the song, right? Jesus couldn’t have been a FUSSY baby: Cause we know: “But little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes.”

But remember: REMEMBER what this little precious baby was sent here for. This precious baby was born with a mission. Really, here we have, in the Christ, one baby, BORN TO DIE. A baby born, not into a scene of tranquility, but into a world of death and sin.

A situation, even as he lays there in the hay, where Satan and the evil of the world are trying to destroy him! He comes into the world, and immediately King Herod attempts to kill him: to KILL this baby! SATAN desires to KILL BABY JESUS, using the forces of this world! WHAT A WORLD HE IS SENT INTO! HOW THE OPPOSITION TO HIS MINISTRY BEGINS FROM HIS BIRTH!

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The Example Of The Disciples

Look at the example of the disciples. How about THAT for conviction. THEY lived like they believed it. We hear in the Gospels how they left everything to follow Jesus. And it’s one of the few instances where Jesus seems to give the disciples a good old fashioned pat on the back for doing so. And their sacrifice goes beyond this! Every single one but John was martyred. Every single one lived in such a way that NO ONE could think: “Well, this is just a get rich quick scheme. They’re just after my wallet.” If Christianity was a get rich quick scheme for the disciples, it was the worst one ever! All the people at the top of the pyramid seemed content to march off to death!

But what strength there is in their conviction! And what a witness theirs is because of their sacrifice! And do you know why they could give up everything as they did? Because they knew that they already had everything; and that nothing could ever take it away from them. Not their sins; not their doubts; not the world; not Satan; NOT EVEN DEATH. All because of Jesus Christ. And you know what? That’s the same Jesus who stands in for you. May we always live like it, that the WORLD MAY HEAR, by the power of God’s spirit. Amen.

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The Promise Of The Holy Spirit

THIS is the promise of the Holy Spirit: that you are SAFE. You are safe in your faith; for it is not by your strength that you maintain it. You are safe in your identity as God’s child. You are safe, not because you have somehow “achieved” the Holy Spirit;

But instead because the Holy Spirit has come to you. You are safe not because YOU have the Holy Spirit, but instead because the Holy Spirit HAS YOU.

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How Does Your Story End?

For you know the end of this story that is your life; and the story that is this world. It ends with the skies breaking forth like shining light; and the return of Jesus Christ; flowing with all the heavenly hosts as his train behind him. This story ends with us being raised from the dead; the perishable clothed with the imperishable; and the mortal with immortality. This story ends with us living in a Kingdom that knows no end, with our King walking among us: Jesus Christ!

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