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Morning Devotion: Abortion

In your congregation and in the neighborhoods around you right now, there are women vulnerable to abortionist propaganda, not because they reject the church but because they’re afraid they’ll lose the church. Pregnant young women are scared they will scandalize church people when they start to show, so they keep it secret. Parents are fearful their pregnant daughter, or their son’s pregnant girlfriend, will prompt the rest of the congregation to see them as bad families.

As they keep all of this secret from the Body of Christ, many of them fall prey to the false gospel of the abortion clinic. “We can take care of this for you,” these people say. “And it will all go away.”

Moreover, there are thousands of men and women in our churches who have aborted their children, or urged the abortion of their grandchildren. Bearing the shame of this, they keep it secret.

And in the concealment, without the topic ever being addressed by the church, the satanic powers take advantage of the silence and accuses them: “We know who you are; you’re a murderer, like us.”

Every time pastors and church leaders speak, they are speaking, at least potentially, to these men and women, the aborting and the abortionists. Many of these people don’t argue that the “fetus” is a “person.” Their consciences testify to that, and they’re either tortured by this or violently trying to sear over that persistent internal message.

The answer, for the church, is to preach the gospel to the conscience.”

I’ll stop the excerpt there. And then I will try and not speak eloquently, but clearly; so that no meaning is lost:

If you are one of those people whose lives have been touched by abortion in any way, shape, or form; and if you re one of those people that abortion is something that Satan has been tormenting you with for awhile;

And maybe it is something that you felt as though you could not speak about to anyone, and so just had to carry around this weight with you forever;

then THIS is the most important thing a “Lutherans for Life” Sunday could say, and hear this now:

In the name of Jesus Christ, YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN. YOU ARE FORGIVEN. Tell Satan to leave you alone. Your sin is no more. You are free. Breathe the easy breath of the redeemed. You have been released.

Further, to everyone let me also say, clearly and specifically as possible: if you ever find yourself in one of those frightening positions where you are pregnant and it was not your plan or intention, please, do not run FROM God; run TO him.

I tell you that the church, in this situation, is not your jury and executioner. It is, instead, your sanctuary, the place where you will find hope and truth, the place where you will be welcomed and your child cherished. THIS is the place where there is nothing but the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

For all those who may know people in a similar situation, I merely say to you now what we used to say on the playground when we wanted information shared:

Pass it on. Pass that on. Let the hope and healing begin. It is not given reluctantly. It is given with joy. And it is given by Jesus Christ.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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