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Morning Devotion: Be Christ Like

Christianity is NOT a culture. In fact Christians, from the beginning, and as our natural role in the world until Christ returns, are naturally AGAINST the culture. The CHURCH ITSELF is, by its nature, counter cultural. The church is that which subverts the culture: which stands against it!

Now I am not saying that we should be subversive and counter cultural just to be subversive and counter cultural. And I am not saying that we do this through uprising in or revolt. But I do want us to be hopeful is seeing our current viewpoint. Do you think things look hopeless in our culture because everyone around us rejects Christ? Well, guess what: living in the midst of that is our people’s HOME! We are now in our wheel house! We are being who we are supposed to be: a people called to LOVE those who actively despise us: to stand up and be CHRIST LIKE; not to hate, but to be CHRIST LIKE; in the midst of those who mock what we believe.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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