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Morning Devotion: The Purpose Of Our Faith Is NOT Happiness

The purpose of OUR life is to be for God.

And the purpose of our FAITH is not spirituality. It is not happiness.

We have turned God into our personal psychologist; our cheerleader; our moral compass. We have taken from him that he is JUDGE, that he is JUST, that he reigns over all, no matter what we may think. In essence, we have stolen from him that which makes him GOD and have turned him into something else.

We neglect that Christianity is about Jesus; God’s Son; and his blood being poured out. THAT is the answer. THAT is center. THAT is our hope and joy. And often times THAT is hard to see from where we are now. Sometimes we will be poured out like a drink offering. Sometimes we will fail. Sometimes we won’t FEEL fulfilled.

But this is where faith comes in. And the object of our faith is simply this: life through the death of Jesus on the cross.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Evening Devotion: God Wants To Make You GOOD

And here’s the thing: God LOVES you. And so God’s main desire is not to make you HAPPY. He wants to make you GOOD. Just like a parent. A parents’ goal, in interacting with their child, is NOT to make them happy. Because time-outs and bed times and vegetables and saying you’re sorry and sitting through church and doing your homework isn’t there to make the child happy. All those things are there to make them good.

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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Monday Devotion: Happiness

Happiness itself is not bad. And we should praise the Lord and ask him that we would have peace in this life, and STRIVE for peace here and now as well. But for FAR TOO MANY, HAPPINESS is a false god, that is sought after as though it is the PURPOSE to life. And then, within these people’s lives, Jesus himself becomes nothing but a SERVANT to the false god of happiness.

How can you tell when this has happened?  When you think that
the purpose of Jesus is to make “YOU HAPPY”. What a shallow, short-sighted, empty, UNSCRIPTURAL,
UNCHRISTLIKE, consumer-oriented, BLIND and STILL
ending in DEATH sort of faith THAT would be. And within
THAT paradigm; within THAT way of looking at things;
well, then yes: one could SEE how the world tells us
that the life that does not have HAPPINESS is a life that is
being LIVED WRONG. If you are not happy, the world
says, your life is POINTLESS. But we do not worship the idol of happiness.
We worship Jesus Christ. And Jesus sees our suffering, and he makes a promise.
Jesus sees our suffering and gives us peace.
But for THIS life, it is PEACE in the midst of STRIFE.
It is PEACE, and it is JOY, in the knowledge that
this journey of life that includes suffering will
end in a place where suffering is no more!

-Aj Neugebauer LCMS pastor

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