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In Jesus Name

I am sinful, reprobate, condemned; but in Thy holy name there is righteousness, election, salvation; but in Thy name was I baptized; in Thy name do I believe; in Thy name will I die; in Thy name will I rise again, and in Thy blessed name will I appear at the judgement.

In only Thy name then, O Lord Jesus, is my salvation.

Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God. Amen.

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Evening Devotion: What Is The Hymn Of Praise?

HYMN OF PRAISE — This part of the liturgy gives us the opportunity to express our great joy at God’s gifts to us. Every Sunday is a little Easter (or Christmas!). The Hymn of Praise that begins “Glory to God in the highest” is based on the song of the angels themselves at Jesus’ birth, while “This is the feast” is based on passages from the book of Revelation. (The Hymn of Praise is omitted during Lent, the season of penitence and reflection.)

-A Lutheran Perspective

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